RADIO PIECE III

Radio Piece III was formed in July 1976. Original membership consisted of:


      Tom Makucevich - Keyboards

       Tom Goroff - Bass

       Richie Kuchta - Drums

Over the years the personnel changed a number of times, the band being at times a trio,

quartet, and a quintet, ultimately ending up as a trio with Makucevich, Larry Benigno

also on keyboards, and Larry Mastroni playing drums. It was this configuration

that recorded the CD’s “Tesseract and Monuments(1992) and “The Lost Puzzle”(2010).

RP3 started out by our own definition as an Avant Garde Jazz Rock combo. We took the name

from a January 1976 studio recording. Within two years Kuchta and Goroff had been

replaced with Mastroni and bassist George Bush before his name became the butt of jokes.

Russ Becker came along on woodwinds in 1978, and we became  more of a Fusion/Progressive Rock outfit.

At the time RP3 found itself being part of the SW CT Punk Scene. In it, but not of it.

I think The Punks accepted us because we were weird and original. We also played outdoor

venues and almost annually on WPKN.

Stan Sirico came in on guitar as Russ Becker left to pursue a Jazz career. Stan brought in

Guy Sciachitano to play bass when George left. Guy’s strong suit was as a drummer however.

Stan also enlisted a singer who went by the name of Soulfish to perform on some Rock

and Roll we were doing. Larry Benigno  joined around this time providing not only excellent                                                                                                      keyboard playing, but replacing Soulfish on vocals. This incarnation of the band continued to float around the Punk Scene at venues like Ron’s Place and the Agora in NH and eventually recorded

RP3’s self-titled debut LP in 1984.

After Stan and Guy left Kurt Kish came in on bass but not before Guy left us with the killer

drum track on “Flag”. Kurt stayed long enough to play a few RP3 gigs and the bass track

on a 1987 cassette release titled Tomato Pie Blues.

The remaining RP3 recordings were made by Makucevich, Benigno, and Mastroni. They

include the 18 minute “Radio Piece Nine” and “Tunes”, a short collection of pieces that hadn’t

been recorded or released.

Mastroni              Benigno                 Makucevich

(not trying to look like the residents)

Radio Piece III at the Agora in New Haven, CT late 70’s

       Makucevich, Soulfish, Mastroni(in back), Sirico, Bush